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Misaligned Teeth

Try saying malocclusion 5x fast—not easy, is it? In fact, it’s a mouthful and that’s okay because it’s a dental term used for uneven, crooked, or misaligned teeth. Misalignments are actually very common and, depending on their classification, are often mild cases that are easily treated. Here’s the straight truth on wayward teeth and what you can do about ‘em. As always, we’re here to help: If you think you may have misaligned teeth, schedule an appointment with Aspen Dental today and get your free scan.

The Best Teeth Straightening Options

Confidence is key. And your smile should bring you confidence. No need to be ashamed. Maybe you have crooked or overcrowded teeth. Perhaps a previous injury has impacted your smile. Whatever the case, all of these reasons may be why you want to look into straightening your teeth and we’re going to provide some of the best ways to accomplish your smile goals.

Teeth Shifting? No Problem With Motto™ Clear Aligners

Does it feel like your teeth have changed zip codes over the years? It’s actually completely normal for teeth to shift gradually over time for a number of reasons. But if left untreated, teeth shifting can be hard on your jaw and even lead to dental tooth wear, decay and gum disease. Motto clear aligners can help shift your teeth back into the right position and prevent any further damage. Plus once you’ve got a smile you love, you may just find you can’t help but show it off. If you’re worried about your teeth shifting, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Aspen Dental today.

Malocclusion: Causes, Symptoms and Diagnoses

You’re probably here to learn more about the ‘m word’ your doctor may have mentioned at your visit. That word is malocclusion. No need to worry, most people have some type of malocclusion and they are fairly common. But what exactly is it? And how can you get rid of it? Read more to learn more.

Clear Aligners: Teeth Aligner Treatment

“You get a clear aligner! You get a clear aligner! And you get a clear aligner!” We get it—there are an overwhelming amount of clear aligners and brands on the market that tout the benefits of aesthetics, convenience, and cost. With Motto aligners, not only do you get in-person care from an Aspen Dental doctor, but you can also straighten your teeth in a matter of months.

What are Teeth Aligners?

Clear aligners or teeth aligners? Tomato, tomahto. Teeth aligners are trays or molds that are not only created from your teeth, but they are designed to straighten them. Long gone are the days of braces, headgear and rubber bands. Motto™ clear aligners are not only affordable, but they can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.