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Brace yourselves. Straightening smiles doesn’t have to include braces. Clear aligners can give you a great smile without the wires. At Motto, the people who can help guide you through your clear aligner journey are our Smile Advisors.

race yourselves. Straightening smiles doesn’t have to include braces. Clear aligners can give you a great smile without the wires. At Motto, the people who can help guide you through your clear aligner journey are our Smile Advisors. 

Meet Brooke Wood, who oversees all of our Smile Advisors. She can tell you more about who should get clear aligners, how straighter teeth are healthier teeth and why you don’t have to compromise with Motto. 

Motto: Brooke, your team members are usually the first people our patients speak to about clear aligners. What are the main reasons people get clear aligners in the first place? 
Brooke: Depends on the patient. A lot of people think that clear aligners are just for aesthetics. It’s true—clear aligners straighten teeth, and many people are interested in having a more confident smile. But a straighter smile is also a healthier smile. Correcting your teeth and bite can have a big impact on your overall health. Straighter teeth are easier to clean and protect, for example. So less chance of cavities and other dental issues down the road. 

Motto: So, why choose Motto over other clear aligners?

Brooke: Because you get the best of both worlds: You get expert, in-person care from a dentist, along with precision technology. And it costs a lot less than Invisalign®1. With some of the budget DIY competitors, you don’t have that option of seeing a dentist in-person whenever you want. You do with us. Plus, you get to walk out of your first visit with your custom-crafted starter tray. Seriously, you can book your consultation over your morning corn flakes and have your starter tray2 before lunchtime.  

But if you want fewer office visits, you can choose our virtual monitoring option. So you have choices, but you don't have to compromise on great care or value. All our work is backed by MottoAssured™3, which means we’ll keep working with you until you love your smile. 

Motto: Is the Motto clear aligners process the same for everyone? 

Brooke: No. Every smile is unique. So, our care meets the specific needs of each patient. The average treatment time, however, is a little over five months4

Motto: How important is it for patients to check in with you during their clear aligners treatment? 

Brooke: Our job as Smile Advisors is to ensure that our patients get the best care and are happy with their results. That means being available if you have questions or concerns. Our technology makes it easy for us to closely track your progress remotely from start to finish. But patients can check in as often as they need to. Nothing can replace that one-on-on relationship with your care team. 

Motto: That’s great, Brooke. How does your role differ from a dentist’s? 

Brooke: Basically, we are here to help guide patients through the process. The dentists are still the director of the treatment plan and are always available to the patient. But we help patients choose which clear aligners treatment plans are right for them, as well as which financing options work best for their budget. We’re the first people they can contact with questions or concerns at any point in the process. This is a big deal for patients. We want them to know we’re here for them in any way they need. 

Motto: Now that you mention it, how should Motto patients contact their Smile Advisor during treatment? 

Easy! They can call, email or even stop on by the office. And, unlike a lot of our major competitors and the online providers, Smile Advisors work in local Aspen Dental offices near where our patients live. They might see us at the store, the park, wherever. We have roots where our patients are. 

When can a patient contact their Smile Advisor? 

Brooke: Anytime they like. You can reach us during office hours via phone. Or you can email or message us 24/7. 

Motto: Will I always have the same Smile Advisor? 

Brooke: We want our patients to have a positive, consistent experience with Motto. That means we do everything we can to stay with you from your starter tray until your new smile.  

Want to talk with a Smile Advisor? 

Visit your local Aspen Dental office or book your appointment today. 

1Average cost of Invisalign® is $5,000. Treatment is highly individualized; costs may vary by case.
2Tray One ("starter tray") is designed to be used for whitening and to prevent teeth from moving further until first set of custom aligners arrives.
3Must be in compliance with your doctor-directed treatment plan. Refinements must be requested within 30 days of completing your last aligner step and prior to receiving your retainer.
4Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.

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