The Best Teeth Straightening Options

Confidence is key. And your smile should bring you confidence. No need to be ashamed. Maybe you have crooked or overcrowded teeth. Perhaps a previous injury has impacted your smile. Whatever the case, all of these reasons may be why you want to look into straightening your teeth and we’re going to provide some of the best ways to accomplish your smile goals.

The best ways to straighten teeth

Over the last few years, there have been new and affordable ways to straighten teeth. Even braces—being the teeth straightening O.G, have evolved.

Traditional braces use metallic or ceramic brackets that apply pressure to your teeth which forces them to move. Braces required periodic adjustments with in-person office visits—and treatment can take up to two years.

Veneers, crowns and bonds do not straighten rows of teeth, but cosmetically fixes teeth one-by-one or a few teeth at a time. These options provide a ‘cap’ or small refinement to improve their appearance.

Clear aligners have grown in popularity due to their simplicity, length of treatment time and wearability.

Whether you are opting for braces, veneers or clear aligners, your ultimate goal is the same regardless of method—to improve your smile.

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Motto Aligners’ teeth straightening options

Determining which clear aligner brand can provide you with the best results can be daunting. We get it. What others lack, Motto includes in our upfront pricing. So, there are no financial surprises. We can go on and on about why Motto should be your top choice. In fact, we made an entire page dedicated to answering your ‘why Motto?’ questions.

Clear aligners

With their barely there appearance, clear aligners have benefits that one may not expect. Even braces have opted to let go of colorful rubber bands and use the clear approach. However, despite their almost clear appearance, clear braces still may pose challenges that may not occur with clear aligners.

Read more about how clear aligners stack up against clear braces.


Think of your retainers as the ‘after party’ for your new smile. After you go through your specialized treatment plan, you will be instructed to wear your retainers to help maintain and prevent shifting of your teeth. You’ve worked hard for the smile. You've got to maintain it, right? We have all the answers to your retainer questions, including what happens if you damage your retainer? We’ve got that covered too!

Alternative ways to straighten teeth

Compare Motto offerings to other tried-and-true teeth straightening methods, making mention of the advantages Motto's products have over other options.

How much does teeth straightening cost?

Costing as much as 50% less than Invisalign, Motto aligners are cheaper than the vast majority of other clear aligner brands available today. Our plans even include MottoAssured, so if you're not happy with your straighter smile, we'll work to make adjustments with you for no additional charge.

Learn more about what Motto can offer you.

Our team not only wants to help you get a healthier, more confident smile, they can guide you to the right treatment plan for your budget. Book now and we will help find the best option for you.

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