The Top 5 Reasons to Get Clear Aligners 

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Want to improve your overall health and smile a more confident smile? Clear aligners could be for you. 

ant to improve your overall health and smile a more confident smile? Clear aligners could be for you. 

Like braces, clear aligners are designed to move teeth gradually. Except they’re made of clear plastic, with each new tray designed and custom-fit to move your teeth just a little more. Every few weeks, you'll get a new set of clear aligners from your doctor. With each one, you'll see your teeth gradually shift into the right position. 

Now that you know how they work, here are some of the top ways clear aligners can make you smile. 
1. Improving your confidence and self-esteem.

Clear aligners can be the difference between being self-conscious about overlapping teeth and smiling widely for pictures. Walk proudly into work and family events without worrying about a gap in your teeth. Take and post selfies with pride knowing that your clear aligners helped give you a #ConfidentSmile.

Clear aligners are barely noticeable to others too. Motto™ clear aligners can help you reclaim your confidence even before your treatment is over because all your friends, family, and co-workers will notice is a great smile. Results vary, but most people start to see positive changes in as little as two weeks. 

2. Getting ready for your wedding.

Your big day needs a big smile. And even if that day is coming soon, Motto clear aligners work quickly to help you smile confidently for those pictures that will last a lifetime.
3. Making a good impression at your new job or school.

From the first interview to your first day, first impressions count. Clear aligners can give you a confident smile that lets employers, co-workers and classmates see who you are. Get a smile that says, "I'm happy to be here," "you can count on me" and "let's get to work."

4. Making brushing and flossing easier.

One of the benefits of clear aligners is that it makes your daily oral care easier. When your teeth aren't straight, it's harder to clean them thoroughly. You may even have difficulty getting floss between your teeth. Clear aligners can help you correct that so you not only have a more confident smile, but also a better way to prevent cavities.

5. Improving your overall health.

Straightening your smile with clear aligners can make your whole body smile. When you raise your confidence and self-esteem, your mental health improves. A straighter smile also makes it easier to chew nutritious foods that can improve your physical health.

Choose Motto for your clear aligners.

With Motto, you'll get a perfect-fitting, doctor-guided, totally affordable clear aligner. Motto clear aligners deliver the savings of DIY aligners combined with the expert care of in-office aligners. Achieve your most confident smile in as few as 4 office visits. 

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*Starter tray” is designed to be used for whitening and to prevent teeth from moving further until first set of custom aligners arrives.

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