Why Live, Doctor-Directed Care is Important with Clear Aligners

Just like with routine dental care, straightening your smile successfully with clear aligners takes careful monitoring from your doctor. 

Just like with routine dental care, straightening your smile successfully with clear aligners takes careful monitoring from your doctor. Thankfully with Motto™, you can check-in with your doctor any time, either in-person or remotely. And while most of the hard work is done by the clear aligners themselves, these check-ins are important for a few key reasons:

Moving teeth perfectly takes expert oversight

Like any big change, using clear aligners is a complex process (we are literally moving your teeth). That process requires some tweaking along the way for optimal results. So, having a trained professional who’s paying close attention to your progress is critical to ensuring your clear aligners treatment is working.  

With Motto, your doctor can instantly tell if you’re wearing your aligners correctly, if they’re fitting properly, etc.—and then easily make adjustments to your treatment plan to keep you on the fast track to your new smile.  A lot of this can be done through Motto virtual Dental Monitoring, if the patient prefers that. But we’re always just an office visit away.

Your Motto doctor can treat your whole smile

Checking in with a dentist who can take care of all your dental needs—not just straightening your smile—is a big bonus with Motto. Because you have a team of Aspen Dental pros at your fingertips, we can look at your mouth holistically and ensure that everything is looking nice and healthy. For example, people who wear clear aligners need to be extra careful about making sure food and bacteria doesn’t get trapped underneath their aligners and lead to cavities (find out more about how to keep your aligners clean here).  Your Motto doctor will be on top of your oral hygiene as well as the condition of your teeth in general with every check-in. That’s a perk you don’t get with mail-in aligners.

The doctor will see you, always

Motto is available exclusively at Aspen Dental. With convenient locations across the country, you can always count on our full care team—as well as an onsite lab that delivers precision technology—all under one roof near you. We’ve got your back (and, erm, your mouth). So book your visit now or stop by and see us. We welcome walk-ins. 

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