A woman smiles with her Motto Clear Aligners


50% Less Than Invisalign.¹
See Results in as few as 6 months.²
Doc Included.

¹If patient selects MottoEssential package. The average price of Invisalign is about $5,040.

²Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.

Here for it. All of it.
Our whole team of Aspen Dental pros are here for your new smile every step, so you're never alone for the ride. Let's get Mottovated.
All the care. None of the markup.
Motto is ours. That means it costs us less, so you pay less—but still get all the IRL attention from your dentist. Transform your smile in less than 6 months.²
Less waiting. More smiling.
Book today, walk in today, and leave today all set to make moves. With Aspen Dental locations coast-to-coast, we’re ready when you are.

¹If patient selects MottoEssential package. The average price of Invisalign is about $5,040.

²Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.


1. Get scanned today

Walk in, get your free scan in minutes, and walk out with a custom treatment plan that fits your life and budget.

2. Make moves

Transform your smile in as few as 4 visits. Motto's-technology is designed for optimal tooth movement and precision results to achieve a smile you'll love.

3. Love your smile

Protect your smile by wearing your custom retainer at night after treatment is complete.

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About Motto Clear Aligners

If you’re like most people, you’ve considered straightening your teeth. In fact, chances are you’ve come across clear aligners as a great straightening option. But what exactly are clear aligners and how do you know if Motto™ is right for you? Motto clear aligners are personalized trays designed to fit on your teeth and straighten your smile.

Aspen Dental exclusively offers Motto clear aligners to patients who are looking to get a great smile. With Motto, you can enjoy less waiting and more smiling. You can book today, walk in today, and start treatment today. Enjoy doctor-led care with your Aspen Dental smile advisors throughout your entire smile journey. Motto clear aligners can be financed or maybe be covered through your insurance.

How much are Motto Clear Aligners?

Motto clear aligners start at $1,895, and that includes your customized aligners, office visits, and the cost of the retainer that you wear after you complete treatment. Invisalign can end up costing you between $3,000-$8,000 depending on your specific case. DIY clear aligners that get mailed to you every few weeks can cost anywhere between $900-$2,500 depending on the complexity of the case. And with MottoAssured we promise you will love your new smile.

Clear aligners vs braces

The benefits of clear aligners vs braces stack up. Clear aligners are a great choice to improve your smile in half the time of traditional braces. This type of teeth straightening makes people feel a little less self-conscious when it comes to people knowing that they’re wearing braces. It’s hard to tell when someone is wearing a clear aligner, allowing you to go about your day without anyone knowing you’re straightening your teeth.

The Motto process is simple. At your first clear aligner visit, you meet your smile advisors, get scanned and leave with your personalized treatment plan. In a few weeks, you will receive your customized aligners that will shape your smile, while receiving doctor-led care. Lastly, after your treatment is complete you will receive your precision-fit retainer to keep your new smile in place.

Start your appointment today and book now at one of our many Aspen Dental locations. Your doctor will decide if using Motto clear aligners is right for you.