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A smile is no place
to compromise.
That's why
there's Motto™.

The world of clear
aligners can be tricky
to navigate.

Some brands come with a premium to see a doctor.
Others cost less but make you do it all yourself. With Motto, you
won't need to choose between a doctor you trust and a
price that makes sense. Because your smile deserves it all.

The doctor is (always) in.

Your new smile is doctor-guided from start to finish. And you’ll have a whole team of Aspen Dental pros at your fingertips. See us in person, or check-in remotely. It’s your choice. 

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The value is real.

At 60% less than Invisalign®1, Motto costs roughly the same as mail-in clear aligners. But you also get the support of a real live doctor every step. Also, because you are working with a doctor, Motto can treat more complex cases.

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Start today (yes, today). 

Walk in, meet your dentist, and walk out with your 3D-printed starter tray2 and whitening gel to jumpstart your treatment plan. 

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<6 months and you’re done. 

Transform your smile in as few as 4 office visits and an average of 5.4 months3. Choose virtual monitoring by your doctor to track progress from your couch (or anywhere).

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Love your results.

Every Motto plan is backed by MottoAssured™, which is our guarantee to work with you until you love everything about your new smile4.

Ready to have it all? 

We know you value your self-care all the way down to your smile. Motto is designed to make sure yours is happy in every way.

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1Average Invisalign costs are between $5,000 - $7,000.
2Tray One ("starter tray") is designed to be used for whitening and to prevent teeth from moving further until first set of custom aligners arrives.
3Average patient treatment plan lasts 5.4 months. Results may vary.
4Must be in compliance with your doctor-directed treatment plan. Refinements must be requested within 30 days of completing your last aligner step and prior to receiving your retainer.